We at Milestones aim to support students with learning difficulties placed in mainstream classrooms in order to help them function independently and successfully in a regular school environment. We want to nurture each of our students and help them develop and achieve their every potential.

Milestones provides the following services for students, professionals and our students' families.
  • Shadow teaching support for students with learning difficulties enrolled in either local and international mainstream kindergarten and schools.
  • Home tuition services
  • Case management
  • Individual and group social skills training
  • Professional, family and caregiver workshops

Social skills are an individual’s ability to effectively adapt one’s behaviour based on the social situation and one’s prior knowledge of the people in the situation for them to respond to you in the way that you had anticipated.

Our social skills training programme aims to equip students with the necessary tools to better cope in different social situations.

Our social groups are made up of students of similar ages with a maximum of five students in a group. We take into consideration the suitability and compatibility of the students in one group.

Before a student starts social skills training, he/she is required to complete an initial assessment that can help us understand his/her strengths and needs better.

Some of the skills that we teach are:
  • Awareness of self and of others
  • Identifying and managing emotions
  • Perspective taking
  • Conversation skills
  • Assertiveness
  • Friendship skills
  • Working in groups

Students with learning difficulties often experience challenges in the mainstream school setting and require the guidance of another professional other than the classroom teacher. Our shadow teachers, together with the combined team of professionals entrusted with the student's welfare, aim to provide additional guidance and support in order for the student to successfully integrate into the mainstream environment.

The role of our shadow teachers is to guide the student attending Singapore's mainstream schools to become as independent as possible.

Our shadow teachers are akin to a coach, intervening only when necessary. They are trained to identify opportunities for the student to learn to adapt to and face the challenges of his/her environment - while conscious of situations that require their assistance.

Most students with learning difficulties experience social interaction challenges arising from their lack of perspective-taking and social communication skills. Our shadow teachers are the student's advocates. They work with the student to become more aware of their peers and environment and in the process build social skills - the goal is to equip the student with the right tools to adjust to social situations as well as to develop and maintain friendships.

Our shadow teaching programme incorporates a system that aims towards fading off the shadow support as the student's skills improve. Our ultimate goal is to work ourselves out of the job.

Our shadow teachers' duties are:
  • to help the student display appropriate classroom behavior
  • to provide guidance in completing classroom activities when necessary
  • to help the student achieve goals stated in his/her Personalized Educational Support Plan (PESP) by implementing agreed-upon accommodations for student
  • to perform regular data collection for the PESP team, and
  • to regularly update the parents, the case manager and the rest of PESP team on the student's progress